A Tanuj Jayendra - Rita Patel Initiative

Pehle Beti Bachaao Phir Beti Padhaao

Roots Foundation is one such organization that has collaborated with T Square Hospitals to take the initiative to reduce the infanticide rates. Roots Foundation has decided to provide health care aids to all the women by providing 100% charges waiver for all the girls borne in T Square Hospitals through standard delivery. Those parents with the girl child born with caesarian delivery will be treated at half charge of total treatment. This is one of the significant initiatives undertaken by a private NGO, in collaboration with a private hospital towards “saving Girl Child” campaign. These are just the necessary steps towards the campaign in Gujarat.

However, the collaboration wishes to expand this campaign PAN India. This campaign also supports India's national campaign " Beti Bachaao Beti Padhaao" that focuses on saving girl child (Beti Bachaao) and educate girl child ( Beti Padhaao) to avoid such instances of infanticide in future. Root Foundation has value added this campaign with a little addendum of the concept with (Pehle Beti Bachaao fir Beti Padhaao). The campaign states the significance of saving the girl child by putting an end to infanticide as it is a major reason through which girls are killed before they are born.

Infanticide, also known as infant homicide is the intentional killing of newborns. Neonaticide is another term which means killing a newly born child within a day’s time of his birth. It is most commonly done by the mother whereas infanticide of a child more than one day old. History indicates that in the past many people allowed certain forms of infanticide. Female infanticide was more common in that the killing of male offspring, due to sex-selective infanticide. Female infanticide has led to an imbalance in the sex ratio where the existence of male is more than the females. It clearly indicates that a time will come when the females would be less as compared to males for marriage.

India has the most female infanticide cases when contrasted with different nations, and it needs to stop or else individuals will confront heaps of complicatedness later on. Female infanticide is generally done by low-rank individuals. They believe that the girl won't probably replace a male. They feel that female won't most likely work and study. Individuals of India imagine that female can just sit home and take care of the children and give supper to the entire family. Individuals believe that girl won't almost certainly work at homesteads.

More education related to the role of women in society needs to be shared. It is essential that more specific concerns should be raised with the residents of rural areas so that the myth about dowry and other cultural myths regarding women should be erased from their mindset. However, steps related to steps to remove infanticides have been undertaken by many socialist and philanthropist.