A Tanuj Jayendra - Rita Patel Initiative


Academy of Performing Arts

NrutyaGarmia – Academy of Performing Arts in Anand, Gujarat is to be established by (Manali Patel – Former Director of Zankar Institute of Dance and Music).

The academy would be an endeavor that will open its doors for the young aspiring talents who want to establish themselves in various fields of arts like dance, drama, music, and visual art. The academy has been established with the intention to promote the individual talents to pursue their dreams in the stream of Art and keep them rooted with the Indian Culture as well.

The academy offers certification and degree courses in Indian classical dances, classical music, dramatics, and visual arts. The departments range from the teaching of arts to its performance and develop communication through the talents display in various fields.

Dance: Dance stream includes teaching and sharing knowledge about various Indian classical and folk-dance forms. The Classical dance category includes teachings on Bharatanatyam, Kathak and other classical dance forms.

Drama: The Dramatics society of the institute relates to the knowledge sharing in the teaching and development of theater, acting, and various other dramatic skills that can help the individual to pursue deeper knowledge in the dramatics.

Music: the Music teaching includes the vocal and instrumental knowledge provision with the specialization in the instruments like Harmonium, Violin, Flute and other instruments along with the focus on Indian classical music.

Visual Art: The professional tuition on Visual Arts includes research-based knowledge on painting, sculpture, designs, graphics, photography, and sound. Visual art is one of the most significant art that plays a crucial role in showcasing any form of art. Hence, the Visual Art faculty helps the young individuals to mark their foray in any art-related activity and give a professional touch excel in the art and entertainment stream.

For more information, please contact us on: sadeerattam2020@gmail.com  or WhatsApp Msg: +1 (610) 984-5489