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AAHAAR - by Roots Foundation

A Mission to end Hunger......

Globally there are 800 million people who go to bed hungry every night. It clearly indicates that 96% of the world population is surviving without food. Around 160 million children worldwide are suffering from chronic malnutrition and hunger, which results in insufficient growth and development at their earlier stage. India too has been facing severe hunger crisis. The Global Hunger Index of 2017 reported that India has slipped down to 100th position which has eventually stepped up to the 95th position, compared to drop by 45th position since 2014. It means that the number of hungry people with malnutrition has doubled. India, despite of being a developing nation, consists of sixty-five percent of the population categorized under the section of the hungry and malnutritional population.Sadly, India’s position in the Global Hunger Index is getting worse. in fact, 15% of Indian population, i.e. 199 million people are undernourished. 60% of Indian women are categorized under the hungry population. 3000 children die every day from hunger, and those who survive have to face hardships in finding for one time.India’s is going backward in the ranking, which is not a good sign. When the population is under-nourished, how can one expect that the country could develop? Because manpower plays a significant role in the economic and social development of a country. Despite various efforts, the hunger has remained a persistent issue, maybe because of lack of resources or their proper implementation. Many NGOs and Individuals have stepped up to support this campaign to provide food to the hungry population; however, more hands are needed to support this movement to make Indian population hunger free.

Aahaar: the solution and means to resolve the hunger problem in India

Aahaar is one of the projects launched by Tanuj Patel and his Team ( Root Foundation) which has come forward to overcome inequalities in food supply and distribution of the food to the needy people. Aahaar is based on the initiatives that would help to provide meals to the neediest families and communities.

Aahaar is a beautiful concept that has been well designed, executed, and managed by the Roots Foundation, effectively managing the food distribution to the underprivileged population. Aahaar” has so many pillars who subsequently the significant support for the entire project who also plays a significant role in executing and managing the entire process. This process has been started in Anand since last year where food is distributed among the underprivileged children; In addition, the organization has joined hands with few rural schools, girls schools, and many more.

Aahaar is not just a campaign, but it is a mission to chase a dream of making our country a hunger-free populated nation. Aahaar was launched with a view to feeding poor people, which can help them further with proper growth and development.

The organization is campaigning to provide food to people living on the street every day. The organization has set a target of feeding at least 250 to 300 kids per day by providing food to the hungry population who cannot even afford a single meal for themselves. In fact, the organization had started food distribution to 50 people a day which has increased eventually, and today, it is feeding over 250 to 300 people. The team of the Roots Foundation ensures that one full meal (complete meal of balanced diet) is provided to these people. The team of the Roots Foundation ensures that each meal should consist of all the necessary nutrients which are required for the proper growth and development of the individuals. Thus, the food consists of a balanced diet, which is essential for all the children, pregnant women, new mothers, and old people. The food prepared and supplied to these people is hygienic and prepared with the utmost care to avoid any kind of mishap, indigestion, or food-related problems that may occur.

Initially, the food distribution is carried out in various places at Anand, including few schools where the children of the underprivileged population also come to study. The project was launched successfully, and it has been wonderfully managed by all the volunteers of the Roots Foundation. It is evident that the organization will soon reach the target of feeding approximately two lakhs to three lakhs people daily. Since the organization has been running this activity from the last couple of months, the response has been tremendous, reflecting the fact that soon it will be able to feed lakhs of people in a day. Today, instead of 50 people, 250 are fed a complete meal in a day. This development has occurred in just a few months, which means that the day is near when the objective of feeding lakhs of people per day would be accomplished, leading to healthy population finally. And this dream can be fulfilled when a higher number of people will join this campaign through our organizations. It is said that more hands lead to qualitative and faster work. Since the cause is so noble; it is evident that more members and volunteers can make this mission possible. We can very well say that the mission will soon be accomplished with the help of the members and volunteers of the Roots Foundation as the results are lovely. The hard efforts of Tanuj Patel and his team are marvelous.

Mr. Tanuj Patel, the founder of the Roots Foundation, dreams of making India hunger-free in the coming years. He aims that this activity of feeding needy people should be carried on as his legacy till the time the country is declared hunger-free populated nation. The goal of this organization will certainly be accomplished when there is a substantial amount of reduction in the disadvantaged people by a subsequent amount. And with the continued efforts, this dream can be fulfilled.